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Chao Phrom Market.
Located next to the Pasak River on U-Thong Rd., this market offers food, clothing, and day to day necessities at a variety of shops and stalls. More for locals, the market lacks the usually touristy trinkets; however, the food is fantastic, good clothing deals can be found, and the visit may be of interest for those who wish to experience a more authentic Thai marketplace. There are several night markets with many street hawkers selling a range of food and some stalls with clothing, phones and more.

Hua Ror Market is another famous market for fresh food products, especially of local variety. Old shop-houses sell delicious traditional food.

Talad Market, which is near Viharn Mongkol Bopit, is bustling with visitors. An excellent place for souvenirs which tend to be the main items on sale here and worth investigating. One can also find clothes, desserts, local crafts and dried food products here. Some night markets start their activity after 6 PM in the evening and sell local food, clothes and crafts.

Bang Sai Folk Arts and Craft Centre deals with a variety of local handicrafts starting from metal-ware to wicker-work. One can also see many craftsmen at work

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