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Eat and Drink

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The best places to eat tend to be in Hotels and Resorts but here are three that nearly always get recommended as somewhere different to your hotel to eat.

Gecko Bar
- at the end of Ao Phai beach next to Silversand Resort, does an excellent barbeque with chicken steaks smothered in mushroom sauce and sizzling beef and chicken hotplates. Between 100 and 200 baht, these meals are definitely good value, try the fries or the competitively priced barbeque.

Joe's - next to Ploy Thalee on Saikaew Beach, this newly redecorated restaurant has one of the best value barbeques on the island - large kebab, corn, potato and salad for around 100B.

Samed Villa Resort- Here they serve both delicious Thai & European Cuisines, BBQ is also recommended

Koh Samet's Bars etc

The islandbar, A classic cosy pub with 70s/80s/country/reggae and rock and roll live acts every night. great bar for young and old. In the village from Hat sai kaew beach 100m after the 7 eleven.

Lima Bar: a small bar thats still getting started, but does excellent cocktails - try the chocolate martini. Located at the end of the village road, next to Buddy Bar.

Ploy Bar: a large, generally Thai-style night spot that often has live acts and some manner of sideshow games. Located in the middle of Haat Sai Kaew, a big establishment, you can't miss it.

Sunrise Bar: a small, newly opened bar located on the 'mermaid headland' at the bottom of Naga hill, this bar is a nice spot to relax with a drink in the late afternoon, or chill out and enjoy their selection of guest DJs.

Naga Bar - At the top of 'Naga Hill' between Haat Sai Kaew and Ao Hua Khok. Once 'the' bar on the island, it has gone downhill somewhat in the last few years, but still a good place to hang and enjoy cheap drinks and a few games of pool with locals and tourists alike.

Tok's Little Bar - A small thatched hut serves as the main bar for this laid back, chilled out drinking spot located next to Naga Bar. They generally have good drink specials and a different theme for every night, so grab a bucket and chill out on a mat on the beach. Occasionally has some fireshows and special parties.

Silversand Bar - at the opposite end of Ao Phai to Naga Bar. Arguably the most popular bar on the island, Silversand brings in the largest backpacker crowd, and is generally where everyone ends up at the end of the night. The bar boasts quite a big dancefloor and generally the best fire shows on the island.

Gecko Bar - located just next to Silversand, this small but personal bar offers a superb selection of specialty cocktails and icecream sundaes, as well as pool tables and movies. You can't go past the bar's signature cocktail, the 'Beach Bar Coffee'.

Baywatch bar, AO wong Duan, [3]. Popular bar for foreigners and Thai on AO Wong Duan with very relaxed chairs and an extended cocktail list to enjoy those long Thai nights. Currently they are expanding having rented the space from the bar next to them.

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