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Go-go Bars & Girls


Bangkok has three main areas for go-go bars, Patpong, Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.

Patpong is the original go-go bar tourist area with plenty of bars. It is also the most expensive. The idea here is that you go in, buy an expensive beer while watching Thai girls dancing in bikinis and if you see one you like then you buy her a drink, pay the barfine (normally about 500baht and then take the girl back to your hotel. She will require paying as well and can be in the region of about 2000baht or more.

Peep Shows in Patpong - Above the go-go bars are the peep/sex shows. These should entered with extreme caution as they have a reputation for ripping tourist off. If you do enter one, make sure you pay for the drink(s) as you by them to ensure you do not get an inflated bill at the end. If you you do end up with a large bill and refuse to pay things can get a bit nasty. If this occurs get the touist police involved, although the chances are you will have to still pay for the drinks.

Nana Plaza at the top end of Sukhumwit Road is probably the busiest of the Bangkok go-go areas - a three-storey arcade with over a dozen go-go bars. Anglewitch, Rainbow 2 and Rainbow 4 are the most recommended. The go-go bars are a bit more descrete than in Patpong mixed in with more normal bars. There are plenty of bars with available girls hanging round looking for company so if go-go bars are not your seen try one of these. As with the go-go bars you will have to pay a bar fine if you want to take a girl away with you. Go-go bars and the more normal bars tend to be more trustful than in Patpong and there are less reports of ripoffs.

Soi Cowboy is the third area, located further down Sukhumwit Road near Asoke BTS Station. These two are conveniently close to many of the hotels in the city and Soi Cowboy is perhaps the most lively and atmospheric of the three, with about a dozen go-go bars on one pedestrianised street, but without the scope of other bars found near Nana. Here you’re more likely to find naked go-go dancers, and Long Tom, Tilac and Baccara are most recommended.

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