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Grand Palace

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The Grand Palace
With an area of 218,400 sq metres, the Grand Palace is grand not only is splendar but in size too. Building of the complex started in 1782 and is made put of a Royal Residence and throne rooms, a temple and numerous government buildings. The Royal Palace was built by King Rama 1 when he moved the Thai Capital to Bangkok.

The first two structures to be built by royal decree was the Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall and the Pha Maha Monthian.
The famous "Emerald Buddha" resides in the Royal Monastery of the Emerald Budda which can be found north of the Royal Residence. The Buddha is actually made of green jade but it was mistakenly thought to have been made of emerald when found in Chiang Rai in 1434. The Buddha is found in the Ordination Hall in the Royal Monastery of the Grand Palace. Depending on the time of year the Buddha will be dressed in either summer, rainy season or winter costumes.

On the upper terrace you can find four of the main monuments in the Grand Palace. There is a golden reliquary, the Mondop (a store for sacred scripts), a miniature Angkor Wat and the Royal Pantheon.
At ground level you can find the Scripture Library, the Royal Family Mausoleum (Hor Phra Naga), the west fašade (Phra Wiharn Yod) containing a number of Buddha images
The Phra Maha Monthian area has three main buildings, the Audience Hall of Amarindra Winitchai, the Paisal Taksin Hall and the Chakraphat Phiman Hall. The coronation of the King takes place in the Paisal Taksin Hall. The Chakraphat Phiman Hall was the residence of Kings Rama I, II and III.

The Charkri area includes the Charkri Maha Prasat and the Central Throne Room. The Central Throne room is used to hold state banquets in honour of visiting Heads of State.
The Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall and the Amphorn Phimok Pavilion can be found in the Dusit group of builds. One of the uses the Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall is used for is the "laying in State" of Kings, Queens and senior members of the Royal Family.
The Borom Phiman Mansion has been the Royal Residence of the King on a number of occasions, including for the current King, Rama IX. Currently the mansion is used as a Royal Guest house for visiting Heads of State.

Entry to the Grand Palace is free for Thai nationals but foreigners are charged an entrance fee. Tickets for the Grand Palace can be purchased here in advance.
Open 09:30am - 03:15pm. Gates close at 04:00pm
Last Tour 03:15pm

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