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King Prajadhipok Museum

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King Prajadhipok Museum was formerly under the care of the Secretariat of the House of Representatives and was housed in the basement of King Prajadhipok’s Monument, in front of the Secretariat Building. The museum enjoyed the blessing and patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rambhai Barni of the Seventh Reign, who in 1980 kindly donated personal articles belonging to H.M. King Prajadhipok for public exhibition. In 2001, responsibility for management of the museum was turned over to King Prajadhipok’s Institute. The Public Works Department agreed to have the museum housed in its building which had thus been refurnished and the Permanent exhibition was housed in it. On December 7, 2003 His Royal Highness Prince Vajiralongkorn opened King Prajadhipok Museum on behalf of His Majesty the King.
The above is an extract from the official leaflet

King Prajadhipok or Rama VII was the seventh monarch of Siam and was the last absolute monarch of his country; Before abdicating, he was the firstt monarch of the new constitutional monarchy. The King Died in Kent, England in 1941. The museum is dedicated to his life and includes his life in the UK.

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