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National Museum

Sights in Bangkok

The National Museum Bangkok currently houses three permanent exhibition galleries : -
1. The Thai History Gallery located in the front of the Siwamokhaphiman Hall, a ceremonial building.

2. The Archaeological and Art History Collections which are divided in two parts:
(i) The Prehistory Gallery, located in the back of the Siwanmokhaphiman Hall, and Gallery No. S6 on the upper floor of the South Wing Building.
(ii) The Art History Gallery, located in the North Wing Building, which displays sculptures and exhibits from the Dvaravati, Srivijaya and Lopburi periods, (before 1257 AD) up to the Bangkok period (1782)

3. The Decorative Arts and Ethnological Collection which is displayed in the old central palace buildings. This collection contains a variety of artistic, cultural and ethnographic exhibits such as gold treasures and precious stones, mother of pearl inlay, royal emblems and insignia, costumes and textiles, ceramics, carved ivory, old royal transportation, old weapons and musical instruments.

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