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Sights in Bangkok


Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn). Built on a foundation made up of thousands of bamboo sticks and clay, the 282ft central prang is one of the top landmarks of Bangkok. The external decorations made of porcelain were added to the Temple after it had been built and were donated by the populationof Bangkok.

Visitors are able to climb to the top of thecentral spire to get an excellent view of Bangkok.

Wat Benchama bo-bitr also known as the Marble temple. The monastery is often referred to as the "WAT of the Fifth King" because of King Rama V served there as a Monk for a period of time. The Temple is built from Tuscan marble which makes it one of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok. The roof is built in traditional Thai style with a 3 step roof which is tiled with Chinese glazed tiles. The Temple was designed and bulkt by the King's half brother. The bridges within the complex are decorated in gold and red with the small pavilions matching the main building in design and colour. At about 100 years old, the complex is considered to be one of the best looking buildings built in the traditional style.

Wat Indrawihan, is the home of the 32m/105ft standing Buddha. Thai people often place flowers and offering on the huge toes of the Buddha. The Temple was built as a shrine for a relic of Buddha.

Wat Pho is the oldest and tallest temple in Bangkok and is famous for its reclining Biuddha. Wat Pho is also famous for the hospital founded within the complex and for having the first public university in Thailand. These days the temple is better known internationally for the famous Thai foot massage school within its grounds.

The reclining Buddha statue measures 45m/150ft long and 15m/50ft high and is found in its specially built viharn (a sacred building for lay people), at the rear of the complax.

Wat Traimitr was once just another temple, and not famed for anything. Then one day an attempot was made to move a clay statue. When the attempt failed, a cable snapped, it was discovered that the staue was in fact a solid gold staue weighing 5.5 tons cover in clay. Since then the temple has been known as the temple of the golden statue.

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