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Gate of Siam - on the border with Laos - you stand high up on a mountain and Laos is in front of you and the mighty Mekong River
Phucheefah - great sunset view
Namtok Khun Kon Forest Park can be reached by taking Highway No.1211 from town. After 18 kilometres, turn right and proceed on for another 12 kilometres. Or go along Highway No. 1 (Chiang Rai-Phayao) for about 15 kilometres where there is a right turn to proceed further another 17 kilometres, then a 30-minute walk to the waterfall. The highest and most scenic waterfall in Chiang Rai, Khun Kon, is some 70 metres in height. Along the route to the site are cool, shady natural surroundings suitable for relaxation and nature walk. It is somewhat of a walk from the parking area, and it is quite hilly, so if you are not reasonably fit for a half hour walk over undulating terrain, then do not try it.
The King Mengrai the Great Memorial is located in the town on the intersection leading to Mae Chan. Originally, King Mengrai was the ruler of Nakhon Hiran Ngoen Yang (an ancient town on the bank of the Mae Khong around Chiang Saen) before Chiang Rai was established as the administrative centre in 1262. He consolidated his power by merging the different city in the north and founded the Lanna Thai Kingdom in 1296 with Chiang Mai as the capital.
The King Mengrai Stupa in front of Wat Ngam Mueang atop Doi Ngam Mueang in Muang district was built by King Chaisongkram to contain the remains of his father (King Mengrai).
Huai Hin Fon hot springs and nearby waterfall. The hot springs are located along the Mae Chan to Fang highway (Highway number 1089). Its just a few kilometers (7.5 to be precise) from Mae Chan and is situated directly next to the road, on the south side. One of the geysers is so prominent, its hard to miss while driving pass.
Golf in Chiang Rai There are two high class golf courses outside Chiang Rai. Santiburi is regarded as one of Thailand's 5 best courses and you can find Santiburi 10 km east of the town. Waterford Valley is as good as Santiburi. It is 35 km northeast of Chiang Rai. There is a hotel if you want to stay over. In town there are two 9-hole courses.


Wai Sa Phaya Mengrai or Phokhun Mengrai Maharat Festival is held from January 23 February 1. The Buang Suang worshipping ceremony is to commemorate Phokhun Mengrai Maharat.
Dok Siao Ban or Blooming Siao Flower Festival at Phu Chi Fa is held during 1315 February. There are sports competitions and cultural performances from hilltribes at Ban Rom Fa Thai in Amphoe Thoeng.
Festival and Boat Races of Mueang Chiang Saen is held during 1318 April of each year. In this festival, there is a parade, water bathing ceremony of the Phrachao Lanthong Buddha image, boat races and folk performances.
Lichi Fair is held around the middle of May every year. There is a float competition, Lichi beauty contest and booths of many products at the provincial stadium of Chiang Rai.
Buatong Ban or Blooming Mexican Sunflower Festival is held in November, affording people the opportunity to see the sunflower fields, waterfalls and mist at Ban Hua Mae Kham, Amphoe Mae Fa Luang. There are also hilltribe performances.
Chiang Rai Flower Festival is held during the end of December to January every year. There are flower processions, flower gardens, Miss Thinn Thai Ngarm Contest and also the fair of agricultural products and the variety of flowers.

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