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Wat Yansangwararam

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Wat Yanasangwararam was constructed in 1976 for Somdet Phra Yanasangwon, the present Supreme Patriarch, and later was supported by His Majesty the King. At the entrance are situated international pavilions presenting each country's national architectural style around the pond. Within the compound of the temple are the Mondop where a replica of the Buddha's footprint is enshrined, a large Chedi containing the relics of Lord Buddha, as well as, his enlightened followers, and Wihan Phra Yanaret. Located on a 7-hilled plot of 146 acres, this wat complex must be one of the most impressive Buddhist establishments in the world. Housed amongst floral splendour, with lakes, carp-filled ponds and other water features, there are a myriad of architectural styles

Wat Chai Mongkhon,
The outstanding structure is the Kuti, monk's living quarters, which is a white cement building with Burmese-style wooden roof. lts columns are adorned with coils of golden wires in elaborate designs and colored glasses. The blinds and corridors are made of elaborately-fashioned perforated wooden sheet.

Wat Khao Phra Bat
This small hill is located between South Pattaya and Jomtien. It is a vantage point for a panoramic view of the whole city of Pattaya and its crescent bay.

Golden Buddha (Wat khao pha yai)

Khao Chee Chan
The Giant Buddha ( aka Khao Chee Chan ) is a place quite hard to reach if you don't have any means of transportation but if you do, its worth the visit as tehre are plenty of nice, pieaceful places to visit in the area.

Phramaha Monthopphutthabat

Wat Bun Kanjanaram

Wat Chaimongkon

Wat Mai Hard Krathingthong

Sanctuary of Truth

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